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easily rolls in and sets up within minutes…

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Fast Set-up—No Costs Involved! Easy to Manage ~ Easy to Store
 Flexible Design ~ Available when needed

Workstation and Benching Option:

From full height walls for maximum privacy, to no walls for a completely open concept,
Swift Space™ offers a fast and flexible workspace solution to meet your needs. The basic
Swift Space product concept combines easy portability, convenient storage, attractive design,
and set-up and takedown within minutes without tools or installation professionals.

  • Engineered to be set up and taken down hundreds of times by anyone
  • One part number to specify, no loose parts; everything you need is permanently attached
  • Designed to fold up and be stored at 15% of its size when assembled
  • Can be quickly moved from one work area to another by one person
  • Cost effective: SwiftSpace is competitively priced, but you’ll save on installation, storage, and labor


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Why SwiftSpace? from SwiftSpace, Inc. on Vimeo.