Storage & Inventory Management

AIS Services, LLC offers logistics capabilities for businesses that have needs that include:

  • Receive, store and manage product, general and filing inventories
  • Receive, stage and distribute furniture, fixtures and equipment to be used at multiple locations
  • Will Call Only
  • Storage – short and long term
  • Asset Management on site and at client site
  • Stocking
  • Staging
  • Pre-assembly

Secure, Insured Storage in Best-Practice Warehouses

lock-215AIS Services, LLC provides storage and inventory management services with strategic advantage in terms of geographic coverage, convenience and time to market.


AIS Services, LLC is an insured, alarmed and climate-controlled facility where we provide receiving, delivery, and short- and long-term storage services. Aided by state-of the-art bar code and inventory management technology, our staff quickly pulls orders from storage and prepares them for shipment to any location, including out of the country.


Our warehouse facilities reflect best-practice thinking in every respect, with special emphasis on:

  • Optimization of the cubic capacity for client inventories
  • High energy efficiency through the use of on-demand motion-activated lighting
  • Exacting operational and housekeeping disciplines

Inventory Management Geared to Protecting Your Profitability

We use a state-of-the-art inventory management system and bar code technology to track the quantities, condition and location of client items from the time product is received at our warehouse to the time it leaves. We have enormous flexibility in database design and offer numerous report types keyed to various business functions including facility management, furniture management, inventory management, procurement, accounting and financial management.


In addition to creating and maintaining data on inventories stored in our warehouse, we can also go on site to create detailed databases of inventories currently in use, including furniture, fixtures and equipment at any location, and thereby enhance the effort to improve your bottom line.